Health Merchant Program Offers Turn Key Organic Food Store

Ready for a Heath Merchant Store of Your Own?

Green Polkadot Box has launched its Health Merchant Partnership Program offering online Organic Food Stores based on their proven store and distribution channel.

Similar to a franchise, a Health Merchant owner would receive a store front powered by Green Polkadot Box, build his or her own customer base, retain their emails, choose which product promotions to send to his customers, monitor analytics and receive 10% revenues off the top line retail sales amounts.

Meanwhile, Green Polkadot Box would handle all aspects of order fulfillment, inventory management, customers service, shipping, payments and all other logistical aspects of the store.

What does the Health Merchant Program Provide?

The store owner would also receive a complete Media Kit, which is all the marketing materials to reach out to prospective customers.  This includes banners, flyers, business cards, etc all with the owners store logo on them.

The main responsibility of the owner is gaining the customers.  This could be done through an email list, online social media, face to face contacts, patients or clients, etc.  Green Polkadot Box would handle everything else once the customer visits the owner’s storefront.

Health Merchant Promotional Materials

Once the customers are shopping, the owner also has a Promotion Kit which is primarily sales graphics that will be available once or twice a week promoting prod cuts that are one sale.  These have been converting very well for the company , on average 25%, for the past 4 years.  The store owner can choose to have all of these automatically go out to his customers weekly or can opt to have any of them not be shown as promotions

There is also a dashboard of analytical information to access information on what the top products are for your store, customer email addresses, order histories, etc.

Future Opportunity of Organic Food

Organic food sales in the United States are growing at an average rate of 25% per year and the non-GMO movement is growing even faster.  With these stores focused on 100% non-GMO foods and also education for the customers, the timing of this type of opportunity is excellent.

More information including an information video by the CEO of Green Polkadot Box regarding the Health Merchant Program can be found here.

This would seem to be a great opportunity for anyone willing to work to get access to customers, getting the message of clean organic foods out to people and informing them of the store.  For a Health Merchant, that seems to really be the biggest job of this store and could really be the only task that needs to be done.